Master French Verbs With Confidence!

French Verb Master will teach you how to use verbs in the quickest, easiest way

Why do you need Verb Master?

Speed up your language learning and stop worrying about tricky verbs. Here are some of the benefits.

The FASTEST route to verb confidence  

Master them quickly and easily so you can focus on enjoying your new language.

Never forget them  

Verb Master makes sure the right tenses and verb forms enter your brain - and stay there.

Improve your speaking and listening  

Have conversations sooner, and more confidently. Recognise tenses immediately, when you hear them.

Rocket boost your confidence  

Never worry again if you're using the right tense or verb form.

What does Verb Master include?

Verb Master uses a combination of learning techniques designed to make the quickest progress, and never forget what you learned.

Tense Trainer

Ever get confused about when to use each tense? Not any more! Learn exactly what to say in each situation. 

Irregular Verb Models 

There's no need to learn all irregular verbs individually. Discover the formulas that let you master them in common groups.  

Learn In Context 

Learning doesn’t stick in isolation. Reinforce everything you learn in the context of real world sentences.  


Conjugation Trainer 

Learn all the verb forms through a range of quizzes and activities designed to make the stick for good. 

 Smart Flashcards 

Learn over 3000 verbs in order of importance with our smart flashcards. It intelligently teaches you what you need to work on the most. 

Spaced Repetition 

An optimized learning schedule automatically reinforces your learning just before you forget it.  


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