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We've just launched the Spanish Vocab Builder PRO - a course to learn new Spanish words quicker than any other method.

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Introducing Spanish Vocab Builder Pro

Spanish Vocab Builder Pro is an interactive online course containing all the tools and tricks you need to gain an intermediate level vocabulary in the shortest time possible.


You don't need years, or even months to start speaking a language. You will use hacks to learn hundreds of words in minutes.


You don't need to be a memory expert. ANYONE can remember thousands of words with the right tools, reardless of age, or learning level.


You'll learn over 5000 words and be able to speak on a wide range of more sophisticated subjects, not just ask for directions and order food, as with most language lessons.


With more words to use you will have the confidence to engage in more conversations, which in turn increases your ability.

How does Vocab Builder Pro help you build your Spanish vocabulary in record time?

Using a combination of memory tricks, frequency based word selection, optimized reminders, and language hacks you'll be ready to dive into Spanish conversations in no time.

Linkword Mnemonics

Mnemonics are visualizations that help you cement the new word in your mind. They are used by memory champions to memorize packs of cards, incredibly long numbers and of course foreign language vocabulary!

You don't need to be an expert though, we have done the hard part and created over 900 visualizations for you, so you can be a memory expert too!  

The 900 words are carefully chosen from a combination of high frequency words, and words that are most useful for beginners.

Optimal Spaced Repetition

New words are forgotten unless they are repeated. The Spanish Vocab Builder Pro will refresh your memory at intervials that memory research has shown to be the most efficient. 

Each repetition creates a stronger memory, until they are permanent. 

Learn In Context

Research has shown that using words in context is more powerful than learning them in isolation.

The Spanish Vocab Builder Pro uses quizzes based on real world sentences to renforce your learning in a more powerful way.

Instant Vocabuary Cheat Codes

You already know more Spanish than you think you do! 

Learn the 26 rules that tell you how to convert over 4000 English words into their Spanish equivalents.

What people are saying about the Vocab Builder Pro

Linguasorb is used by millions of language learners from every country on earth. Here's what people are sayng about the Vocab Builder Pro

I'm a big fan of your site and LOVE the new vocabulary course. THANKS! - R Holder, USA 

Many thanks for this superb program. I've used mnemonics before but this system makes it much quicker and easier to get through them. - Owen Evelyn, USA 

Wow! I've learned so much in the first 30 minutes. I am learning to help my son who is taking Spanish at school. This is great. - Jane, Canada 

I've recommended it to my expat friends here in Spain :) - L Audley, UK 

A word from the founder

I love to travel and I love to learn. This is me on a trip to South America where I first learned these Spanish shortcuts. 

10 years later I still remember the specific visualizations I used to remember Spanish words for the first time. 

Now you can use these tricks too!

How much does it cost?

For a limited time get the Vocab Builder Pro for just

$5 $1 per month!!  

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What else can you get for $1 a month?

A pack of gum? Half a cup of coffee? 1/20 of a one-to-one language lesson? 

..or you could unlock the door to rapid Spanish yourself.

Sign up now to get these great bonuses!

Bonus 1: 22 Suffix cheat codes

Learn how to create hundreds of new words from ones you already know using word ending hacks!

Bonus 2: 12 months of Ad Free access to Linguasorb!

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Start building your Spanish vocabulary today!

  • 900 mnemonics
  • Learn 4000 words through instant vocab cheat codes
  • Spaced repetition system, so you never forget
  • Real world context examples and quizzes
  • BONUS: 22 suffix rules
  • BONUS: 12 months premium Ad Free access to Linguasorb

Spanish Vocab Builder Pro

$5 $1 per month

*annual non-recurring subscription



30 day money back guarantee

Try the Spanish Vocab Builder Pro 100% Risk Free!

Not convinced that you can learn so many words that quickly? I’m sure you will if you follow the course – but if for any reason it doesn’t work for you, just drop me an email and I will send you a refund, no questions asked.


If I can learn all these words in a month, why do I need a years subscription?

While you can initially learn the words in month it is important to then reinforce your learning so you don't forget. Our Spaced Repetition system prompts you to revise words at optimal intervals after the first month so they become permanent.

Can I learn on my phone?

Yes! The course is mobile friendly.

Who is this for?

The course is suitable for anyone from absolute beginner to intermediate level, of any ages.

Can I become fluent using the Vocab Builder Pro?

No, the system is primarily designed to teach vocabulary. These are the building blocks of language and is essential to know in order to develop your language skills.

Once you have a solid vocabulary you can then get much more out of grammar lessons or real world practice.

What level will this take me to?

Vocab Builder Pro will take you to a mid intermediate level vocabulary of around 5000 words. This is approximately between B1 and B2 on the CEFR scale of language learning.